Sainsbury’s Concept

I visited Sainsbury’s Technology Hub in London for work experience where I gained an overview of the different teams/families. Working in their environment, I was able to understand  the different processes and type of tasks they use to research, design and develop. I received the opportunity to sit through team sprint meetings where I learned about their research methods and design strategies used when developing their UX.

Working closely with the design experience team they helped me interpret their design system Luna, and how they apply it to their UI. I took part in multiple workshops, for example updating the Luna web pages. This helped me recognise their approach to create a user interface by looking closely at the progression of the design exercises. I also was educated on the key points around the accessibility of a design interface and how it is important to make the design accessible for all users.

In the time not spent in meetings and workshops I created a concept prototype of an application that could be useful for the technology hub or in store. I designed a navigational app using the new ‘Google Maps AR’ technology for visitors and employees to search for departments, employees, food and drink. This app aims to help improve user experiences with the hub or in store.